How to Write Non-Fiction And Get Published In Your Forties.’

How to Write Non-Fiction And Get Published In Your Forties.’


Have you had an idea for a non-fiction book floating about in your head for ages but can't seem to get it down? Do you lack confidence in writing and feel like you need to be part of a special club in order to qualify? Do you find it hard to make a start? Do you worry that you just don't have the time because you're juggling so much already?

This course has 4 short and easy modules which will take you step by step from a rough idea to a solid, robust synopsis, with chapter headings, coherent structure and at least one chapter down on paper. It's self-paced so you can do it over a period of four weeks or take more time if you're combining it with other things! 


After you've purchased the course you'll receive a link to download the course content on the thank you page, you'll also receive an email link that will work for 30 days, so plenty of time to download the course content!

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    The file is a PDF text document, included in the document are YouTube and Facebook links relevant to the course. You will need an internet connection to use these links.

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How to Write Non-Fiction and Get Published in Your Forties